JuanLife Insurance x Motivo Benefits Program


Physical Stores:

– 10% off on all Motivo items (no minimum spend requirement)


Shopee Store: 

                – 30% off voucher code for all Motivo items with minimum spend of Php 500 

                (Voucher code: MOTIJNLF)

                – Free shipping with minimum purchase of Php 1,000

                – Exclusive first dibs on Motivo item discount/clearance and special sale on Shopee


 Physical Store: 

  1. From November 20, 2023 to November 19, 2025, all active JuanLife members are entitled to a 10% discount which can be availed in any participating Motivo physical stores.
  2. JuanLife members must present the physical/digital copy of their Confirmation of Insurance and a valid ID as proof of eligibility.
  3. Once deemed valid, the Motivo staff must extend the benefits agreed upon by all Parties.


Shopee Store:

  1. From November 20, 2023 to November 19, 2025, all active JuanLife members are entitled to benefits via Motivo’s Shopee store.
  2. JuanLife members must visit the Motivo Shopee online Store and input the promo code.
  3. Once promo code is applied, Motivo to extend the benefits agreed upon by all Parties.



1) What is Motivo?

Operating in the Philippines since 2018, Motivo is the pioneer brand of REXTRON International Corporation–an electronics company with more than two decades of expertise in manufacturing innovative technology products and solutions worldwide. Some of the electronic consumer products REXTRON International cater to are Huawei, Xiaomi, Motoral, Meizu, Asus and more.


2) What are Motivo’s products?

Motivo offers powerbanks, data cables, headphones, chargers, speakers, watches and more!


3) What is Motivo’s official website?

You may visit Motivo’s official website at http://www.motivo.shop/.


4) What is Motivo’s official store on Shopee?

You may visit Motivo’s official Shopee account at https://shp.ee/7zytzzj


5) What are the modes of payment on Shopee?

You may pay via Cash on Delivery (COD), Payment Center, e-Wallet, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, and Online Banking.


6) How many times can I use the voucher code?

You may use the promo code once per transaction.


7) Is the voucher code for one-time use only?

Yes, the voucher code can only be used once per Shopee account.


8) Can Motivo deliver nationwide?

Yes, they can deliver nationwide via Shopee.


9) How long is the delivery period?

Metro Manila: 2-3 days

Luzon: 3-5 days

Visayas and Mindanao: At least 1 week


10) Which courier service does Motivo use?

The courier depends on what Shopee is in partnership with.


11) Do I have to upload a valid ID and digital Confirmation of Insurance to use the voucher code?

No, simply input the voucher code and you can avail the discount.


12) Is there a warranty on Motivo products?

If you are within 7 days of purchase, you can return your MOTIVO items should it be faulty. Motivo guarantees that your product will be free of issues when it is sent to your door, so if anything comes up, they can extend a return or replacement. Contact Motivo via the Shopee chat box with your order number as proof of purchase. You may also send a photo/video for additional proof.


All items are covered for 30 days limited warranty for battery operated items such as powerbanks, bluetooth speakers and headsets. If there is a quality issue with your device, you are eligible for a replacement, sent to your house. Contact the Motivo support staff with your order number as proof of purchase. This 30-day warranty is valid only for products purchased directly from the Motivo Official Shopee Store. If you purchased your product from another seller, please contact them directly for service and warranty terms.


13) Are there exclusions on the warranty?

30 Days Product Warranty
To claim this warranty, the customer must provide proof of purchase. Exclusions not covered by this warranty include:

1. Any defect, malfunction, or failure as a result of misuse, abuse, improper installation, or use with faulty or improper equipment.

A. Corresponding Shopee order number:

B. No physical damage to the subject item;

C. The item is returned within the warranty period and with complete accessories and packaging


14) How can I avail the free shipping?

Free shipping will automatically be applied once you reach the minimum purchase requirement of P1,000.


15) If the JuanLife member’s policy is about to expire, can they still avail of the discount?

They can avail the discount and free shipping as long as it is within the availment period.


16) If the JuanLife member’s account has already expired and they purchase a new policy, can they avail the discount?

Yes, they can avail the discount and free shipping under the new policy as long as it’s activated within the availment period.


17) Can the benefits be transferred to family members and friends?

No. Only the JuanLife member with the COI can avail the discount and free shipping.


18) How will I be notified of the first dibs for Motivo Shopee campaigns?

We will announce the campaign via SMS and email blasts. The promo code will also be included.


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